Software Development Company

  • PolygonLib

    A library for efficient storing great amount (>10 million) of 2D polygons in RAM and quick operations on them. The product is especially optimized for operations on large polygon sets.
    C++, STL, COM, ATL, MFC
  • GIS Framework

    A framework for developing custom GIS components (extensions) that can be used in both desktop and Web applications.
    .NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0, COM,
    C#, HTML, Java Script,
    ArcGIS 9.x/10
  • GeoFES-Web

    Migration of GeoFES to the Web while retaining the existing GUI and the ability to run on the desktop (ArcMap).
    .NET Framework 3.5/4.0, C#, COM,
    ArcGIS 9.x/10 (ArcObjects, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS API for WPF, ArcGIS Desktop)
  • WISYS-Web

    Migration of WISYS explorers to the Web while retaining the existing GUI and the ability to run on the desktop (ArcMap).
    .NET Framework 2.0, C#, COM,
    HTML, Java Script,
    ArcGIS 9.x (ArcObjects, ArcGIS Server Web ADF for .NET)
  • WISYS Explorers

    Powerful tools for displaying and analyzing the WISYS (Water Information System) data in ArcMap.
    .NET Framework 2.0, C#, COM,
    ArcGIS 8.x/9.x/10 (ArcObjects, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Desktop)
  • FDAT

    An ArcMap extension for assessment of flood damage.
    .NET Framework 2.0, C#, COM,
    ArcGIS 9.3 (ArcObjects, ArcGIS Desktop)
  • LVS

    A land management system with an integrated GIS.
    Java (Java Beans, JAI, Swing), dbSwing, Oracle
  • JScribe Software
    Development Kit

    An integrated development environment for JScribe solutions.
    C++, MFC, Win32 API, JavaScript,
    Xtreme Toolkit Pro for Visual C++ MFC
  • eFF

    Complex system providing financing calculation for all DaimlerChrysler products in Germany and other European countries.
    Java (EJB, JSP, Servlet, JDBC),
    JavaScript, XML, XSLT,
    Oracle, WebSphere
  • V&B Online Planer

    V&B Online Planer is an application for creating bathroom interiors based on recent 3D technologies.
    Adobe Flash, DHTML, HTML, CSS, VRML

    "Since 1999 we successfully cooperate with your company on the development of GIS software and would like hereby to highlight high level of expertise, creativity and diligence of your team. ..."
  • Deutsche Bank AG
    "We cooperate with your company since 1998. During this time we were able to convince us of the high quality of your software products, which is above all due to the good expertise of your employees. ..."
  • Use our PolygonLib for quick operations on 2D polygons and large polygon sets in your software (CAD, GIS, modeling systems, graphics editors, etc.).
  • We offer a wide range of professional and cost-efficient outsourcing of software development.
  • Leverage our innovative experience and know-how in developing custom GIS components that can be used in both desktop and Web applications.
GIS-Feldhofe (for DHI-WASY GmbH)

GIS-Feldhofe is a GIS for planning and documenting building and maintenance of a sludge landfill, based on ArcGIS Desktop.

SINED has developed the following components:

  • Measurement Integrator, which facilitates editing states of a landfill layer, using measurement data.
  • Drainage Editor, that is intended for editing the drainage network data and provides the following features:
    • Different ways of selecting an object to edit (selection on the map; selection from the list of all objects of a class; search by attributes).
    • Creation of an object.
    • Editing attributes and flow direction.
    • Editing geometries via ArcMap Editor managed and extended by Drainage Editor.
    • Import of geometry from another feature.
    • Stepwise snapping (vertex by vertex) with marking target position of the selected vertex.
    • Editing relationships.
  • Extension for feature classes of the drainage network, which handles changes of the status attribute in order to connect/disconnect features and update the changes history.
Implementation Advantages

The main functionality of Drainage Editor has been implemented as a component that can be reused for editing any data. The editor uses ArcMap Editor and has the following advantages over it:

  • Creating and editing objects that are not features.
  • Search by attributes without writing SQL.
  • The attributes of the edited object are always visible (they are not visible in ArcMap Editor when relationships are displayed).
  • Editing flow direction of edges of a utility network.
  • Easier start (per one click) of geometry input/edit.
  • Geometry import.
  • The stepwise snapping of vertices can be used after an import or a textual change of coordinates and allows making a decision for each vertex.
  • Relationships can be added by selecting related objects in a grid view.

Technologies and Platform

Programming Languages: C#
Technologies and Libraries: COM
NET Framework 2.0
ArcGIS 9.3 (ArcObjects, ArcSDE)
Development Tools: MS Visual Studio 2005
MS Visio 2003
MS Visual Source Safe 6
Platform: Windows 2003/2008/7/Vista/XP
.NET Framework 2.0
ArcGIS Desktop 9.3
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